Reasons You Need A KONGA Pay Account

Reasons You Need A KONGA Pay Account

Opening a KONGA Pay account is more than just a gateway to seamless transactions and amazing discounts. In this age of cashless transactions and quick payments, KONGA Pay is one of the easiest ways to carry out day to day transactions with ease. Here are top reasons you most definitely need a KONGA Pay Account.

Pay And Receive Money With Your Mobile Number

With the aid of just your mobile number, You can send and receive money across platforms, from anyone and anywhere you want.

Pay For Your Airtime Easily

There is no limit to the endless possibilities achievable with a KONGA PAY Account. Top up your airtime instantly with no extra charges.

Renew your TV Subscription Instantly

Avoid long queues and a delayed process while renewing your TV Subscription. Enjoy ease just by coming aboard with KONGA Pay.

Make Internet service payments Faster

Avoid delays and unnecessary errors by making your internet service payments with KONGA Pay .

Do you know that with KONGA Pay you can also pay while you shop?

Learn of more possibilities and reasons you need a Konga Pay Account. Visit to GET STARTED or Download the KONGA Pay App from Play store for ease of access.

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