Valentine Gift Ideas For Him/Her

You can do better than a pair of boxers or a plain box of chocolates this year. There is always something for everyone, and its time you express how special you claim your loved one is. Resolve to stand out with these unique gift options this season.

Gifts For Him



A man’s perfume speaks volumes of his personality than his handwriting. Build your prince charming one perfume at a time; with these unique fragrances.


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The proof of a man’s elegance almost always lies in the shoe he wears. Men love their shoes. Make an impression that’ll last a lifetime by gifting him the right pair.

Have him Pick his Preference

It would be an exciting break from the norm to have him pick himself a gift while you foot the bill. Don’t forget he may not be used to getting such as it most times is the other way around. With the KONGA ME feature, you can infuse an element of surprise into this year’s gifting idea.


Gifts For Her


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People may not remember what a woman wore, but they’ll definitely not forget the fragrance she wore. Shop unique fragrances for her and have her stand out.

Wrist Watch

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Give a woman the right timepiece and watch her conquer the world. I can’t actually tell how true this is (lol) but I’m sure she would always appreciate a timepiece.


Accessories to a woman are like tires to a car, each cannot function without the other. Shop durable and affordable Bags, bracelets, and weaves too.

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Most times showing you genuinely care for someone is not evident merely in words but by deeds too. Go the extra mile for him/her this season by the gifts you give. Shop affordable and durable gifts on KONGA. Visit or walk into any STORE nearest you.

Shop Smart; Live Well!



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