Have You Shopped on Konga Lately?

Have You Shopped on Konga Lately?

Can you recall the last time you made an online purchase? If you are a traditional shopper who would rather go for the physical feel of a product before buying, Have you thought of walking into a Konga retail store? If not, What exactly is holding you back? With Konga, everything is possible. From finding cheaper deals, to avoiding crowds, and even receiving groceries from the comfort of your home. These are just some of the good stuff you have missed by not shopping. Have you shopped lately? Here are more reasons Konga is your best bet.

Guaranteed Free Delivery on Warehouse Items Above N2000

Did you know that if your order is a warehouse item, it can be delivered to your doorstep free? Achieving this is pretty simple.

  1. Visit Konga.com
  2. Search for the item you would love to purchase example: Samsung Phones
  3. ‘Filter’ Your Search for Warehouse products only.
  4. Apply ‘filter’ and shop from the list of items displayed


This guarantees that you enjoy free shipping on a variety of products displayed in your search.

Best Prices From Top Brands 

   Konga Partners with Diageo

Konga is constantly on the lookout for mouth-watering deals while making sure these deals are offered to you on a platter of gold. Prices of items on the Konga platform are unarguably the best you would find in the market. Doubt this? Visit konga.com, select any product you choose. Compare prices with other platforms and if you find it cheaper elsewhere, we pay you the difference 😀

You are welcome to take advantage of recent partnerships with major OEMs including Samsung, UnileverDiageo, PZ Cussons, Coca-Cola, and Henkel. With these, you can shop loads of items at very minimal cost. 

Reviews From Other Shoppers

Don’t be left out when everyone around you has long been enjoying the perks of a seamless experience. Join the moving train. You can’t get this irresistible experience elsewhere so don’t even bother searching. See what Shoppers Have To Say

Hurry! Shop Today. Visit konga.com or walk into any Konga retail Store Near you for more.


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