5 Genius Ways of Dealing with A Power Outage

5 Genius Ways of Dealing with A Power Outage

Regardless of the fact that we ought to be less pessimistic of happenings around us, frequent power outage is one of the things a number of homes and institutions have in common.

The deplorable state of power in this part of the world leaves little to be optimistic about. Rather than keep getting bothered each time light unceremoniously goes out, getting prepared is the best approach. Here are 5 genius ways of dealing with a power outage.

Take Note of Important Appliances/Devices that Rely on Power

One of the ways to deal with a power outage is to take note of appliances that would not do with a power outage for long. Medical devices, Refrigerators, are one of those appliances that need a backup plan for dark days.

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Make Plans to Preserve Your Food

One of the most uncomfortable things that could befall you during a power outage is your having to throw food away because it could not be preserved right. Make provisions to have your food in the best of conditions even if a power outage is to last for days.

Make Plans for An Alternative Source of Power

Whether it is by getting a Generator, an Inverter or a UPS, you should always make adequate plans for a power substitute in event of an outage.


Make Provision for your Mobile Phones and devices

Communication is key, regardless of a power outage. Ensure your mobile phone remains not completely drained. Stock up on power banks as a backup plan.


Take Precautionary Measures Against Power Surges and Spikes

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A power outage lasting days may not be the worst thing to experience. Power spikes and surges are able to render a piece of equipment temporarily useless. The fluctuating current of a surge or spike could also permanently damage your appliances for good. Thus the importance of a Stabiliser for every home cannot be overemphasized.


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