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The Hack For Seamless Transactions Without Hidden Charges

Imagine enjoying lunch at the big restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. When it’s time to pay, you pull your card from your wallet.

“Savings or current,” the waiter asks.

“Savings,” you say with your full chest. 

“Your pin, please.” 

You collect the POS from him, input your PIN and hand it back to him. Then, you return to the skit you were watching on Instagram before the waiter arrived.  

“It’s declined.” 

You tell him to try again, and he does, but it still declines. 

“Can I make a transfer?” You ask, opening your bank App. 


You try to open your bank App but it won’t open. You keep trying, but it’s not yielding. At that moment, you start to curse out your bank. 

“Which kind wahala be this one this afternoon,” you begin to ask yourself. “Why this bank dey always embarrass me?” 

But then, what if I told you that there is a payment gateway that will never fall your hand? And most importantly, it is free of all hidden charges. 


Bill payments, you see, should be the simplest and most convenient thing to do. In this age of cashless transactions and instant payments, KongaPay is one of the most convenient ways to carry out daily transactions. 

Here are 5 reasons out of a hundred you need a KongaPay Account: 

  • Send and receive money across platforms from anyone you want using only your mobile number.
  • Top up your airtime instantly with no extra or hidden charges. 
  • Avoid long queues and a delayed process while renewing your TV Subscription. 
  • Pay electricity bills and any other E-bill.
  • Avoid delays and errors when shopping online or making internet service payments.

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How to sign up? 
  • Visit www.kongapay.com on your browser 
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill up your details. Your details are encrypted. 
  • Click on continue  

There is no limit to the endless possibilities achievable with a KongaPay Account. Visit www.kongapay.com to GET STARTED or Download the KongaPay App from the Play Store or App Store for easy access. 



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