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Surprising Facts You Never Knew About March

March may seem like a typical spring month, but a wealth of fascinating information is hiding beneath its blooming surface, waiting to be discovered. From its intriguing historical significance to its cultural connections, this month holds more than meets the eye. 

Let’s explore the fascinating sides of March and unearth some astounding revelations that could change your perspective of this month.

  1. The Month of Mars: The Roman god of war, Mars, is the source of March’s name. This connection is not accidental; traditionally, the Roman military campaigning season began in March. The gradual melting of winter’s snow and the return of fertility to the land made the warmer months the ideal time to pick up military operations suspended during the cold season.

Mars- March, the Greek god

  1. Not Always the Third Month: Despite popular belief, March wasn’t always the third month of the year. In the early Roman calendar, the year began in March, making it the first month. This exciting detail is still reflected in the naming of some months, like September (meaning “seven”) and December (meaning “ten”). This detail hints at their original positions in the older calendar.
  2. Agricultural Significance: In many regions of Nigeria, March heralds the start of planting season. Farmers eagerly prepare their fields and sow seeds, anticipating a bumper harvest in the months ahead. Across the nation, this is a period of hard work, optimism, and agricultural rebirth.

First Day of Spring 2024 - March

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  1. March is Equinox Month: In the Northern Hemisphere, March marks the vernal equinox, when day and night are roughly equal in duration. It symbolizes harmony and balance, signifying the transition from darkness to light.
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