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One Marketplace, Thousands of Sellers

In today’s digital world, selling online is the ultimate. Businesses need to have an online presence to reach more customers. However, there are two types of online sellers:

  1. Those who sell online
  2. Those selling on Konga

The second group are ballers because Konga offers fantastic advantages for merchants to succeed. Selling on Konga is the easiest way to sell out. You create, and we bring millions of buyers to you.

There’s something for every seller on Konga. You’ll enjoy:
  • Access to Millions of active customers
  • As low as a 1.5% commission rate for orders received in your store.
  • Optional Warehousing arrangement
  • Access to quick loans through our partners.
  • Online visibility and product marketing through Konga Bulk, Retail, and Corporate sales channels.
  • Swift delivery of orders within 48hrs.
Step-By-Step Guide to Selling On Konga
  • Visit konga.com/signup to register your store and get your details verified.
  • Complete your registration and subscribe to a plan to enable you to list your products. The plans are Silver (N2,500), Gold (N9,000), Gold Plus (N18,000), and Platinum (N37,500).
  • You shall get a call immediately to guide you on product listings. We shall then schedule a training session to discuss selling on Konga.
  • Place an order for packaging materials for ease of order shipment.
  • Once an order is received, your item should be packaged in a Konga-branded courier bag and dropped off at the nearest Konga Ingestion centre for onward shipment to customers. Here is a link to our drop-off locations: https://shq.konga.com/site/dropoff. Payment is remitted seven days after your order is delivered. This is per our return policy.
  • For detailed information on how to sell on Konga, click on this link: https://bit.ly/3tcMoFr


The truth is, whether you’re a new cat or want to take your business to the next level, Konga.com is the place to be. You can reach a wide audience easily and use valuable data to improve your business.

Here’s your opportunity to join thousands of sellers selling on Konga to over 10 million buyers nationwide.

Visit shq.konga.com/signup to get started today. 

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