No Bae? We’ve got you!

No Bae? We’ve got you!

Valentine’s day is often laden with lots of pressure and expectations about what the day should seem like. This pressure often takes a toll on how lots of people feel which in turn leads to false expectations and the need to hinge happiness on standards that should not be. Is today one of the days you dread? When everyone seems to have their hands wrapped around someone but you can’t relate because you are single? No Bae? Relax! We’ve got you! 

Regardless of the numerous interpretations of what today may represent; One thing is certain- Spreading love is the crux of the celebration today. While Romantic Love seems to take pride of place, Self Love is the greatest. Here is an easy-peasy guide to not feeling left out today

Give out Gifts

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There is far more satisfaction in giving than receiving. Today is one of those days you should touch as many lives as possible by selfless acts of kindness. The world outside can be a dark place for people with little or nothing. Rather than dwelling on what you do not have or what you did not receive, Share the love by showing compassion! Go out of your way on valentine’s day to show love to someone, especially people who seem less deserving and would not be ordinarily be expecting anything. You can start with the begger on your street or a random stranger who seems in need. 

Spoil Yourself

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Like it or not, ‘Self Love’ is one of the greatest forms of love in existence. As far as reality is concerned, love must first begin with YOU! If you do not love yourself enough, you would never be able to reciprocate it. Cultivate your self worth; You do not need validation from anyone to determine your happiness. Today should be one of those days you pamper yourself to the earnest. Get yourself gifts, take yourself out, go shopping for yourself, solo travel if you want, and generally have a swell time. At the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone does.

We’ve Got You!

Happy Valentine’s Day from All of us at KONGA! We want you to know that we care about you in more ways than you imagine that’s why we are constantly on the quest to give you the best experience money can buy. Here is wishing you all the love, happiness and fun things the universe has in store💕

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