FIFA 18, Ronaldo Edition

A Few Things You Should Know About FIFA 18

FIFA has arguably sat on the football simulation throne for what seems like forever now, but the gap between FIFA and the ever-improving PES has been reducing rapidly every year as Konami continuously seeks to improve on the pure, clinical fluidity and reality of its on-field mechanics. Even though FIFA still has a lot going

International Women's Day – Women, The Dying Breed

Today is International Women’s Day and I am so excited that I wrote this. What does it feel like not seeing the one person that has consistently been there all your life? (Till you get married that is). The face you see when you get out of bed or before getting out the house or

Stun in this Monochrome and Sequin Combo

Just when you think you have had enough of monochrome, we bring you another twist! Monochrome is becoming the new black and you cannot be faulted in it. To bring out the best in your monochrome, all you need is a pop! In this look, the Knit sequin waist coat and glitter look court shoes

Check Out the Konga Plus Size Magazine! presents to the plus size fashionista the best in designer fashion with its new plus-size fashion category! Check out the amazing Konga flip book with Latasha Ngwube, editor of Pride magazine and Assistant Editor Vanguard Allure as cover girl. View the Konga Plus Size Magazine below.  

Konga Presents the Luxurious Clothing Line ‘AD by Agbani Darego’!

Hey fashionistas! Something deliciously fashionable is here for you. As the home of Nigerian fashion, we bring you one of Nigeria’s foremost luxury fashion brands, AD by Agbani Darego! Created by Agbani Darego; our very own first Black African Miss World, this brand is a must-have for all women craving an updated, sophisticated wardrobe. As