Freetel Ice 3 Smartphone Price in Nigeria

Things to Note about the Freetel Ice 3 Smartphone

  Freetel Ice 3 Features The Freetel Ice 3 a Japanesse OEM is the successor to the Ice 2 and is one of the cheapest 4G LTE Android smartphones available. The Freetel Ice 3 also features many other amazing specifications.   Design & Display Freetel Ice 3 sports a plastic build and features a 5.0-inch

pixel 2 vs iphone x

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X

With the recent release of the Google Pixel 2 and the commencement of the sale of  iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, there’s been a lot of comparison. The Pixel 2 gives us a very clear hint as to why Google called its phone series ‘Pixel’: it was building the best camera on a phone,

FIFA 17 Finally Takes A Bow!

The game we’ve been waiting for takes a bow! FIFA 17 takes a step forward and finally offers a Story Mode that becomes a must for the franchise from now on. The enhancements in the offensive AI translates into a better spectacle than last year, and Frostbite’s influence on physics and collision gives us unexpected

Product review: Nokia Lumia 530

The Nokia Lumia 530 is an excellent and affordable smartphone, and it comes with a free pair of MD13 speakers. Powered by Microsoft Window’s 8.1, you will get the speed, sleek look and memory to personalize your phone. Nokia’s Lumia 530 battery is impressive. You can get: 22 days standby time 10 hours talk time