places to hangout in lagos

10 Cool & Fun Places to Hang Out in Lagos

  Lagos is a vibrant and bustling city and if you’re a first time visitor, you’ll most likely be overwhelmed by the chaos and traffic. The lifestyle in Lagos is fast paced and, as the fastest growing city in Africa, hustle and bustle is the norm. Lagos is a cosmopolitan city and this is evident

konga retail stores in nigeria

Konga Retail Stores in Nigeria

    In the new Konga, we’re are not relenting in bringing the best shopping experience to you both on our online and offline platforms. Whether you’re more of a savvy online shopper or you would rather walk into a physical store to pick your item, Konga has got you covered. That’s not all. Do

wearing sports jerseys

5 Rules for Wearing Sports Jerseys

    With the World Cup Russia 2018 around the corner, millions of fans have already started showing their allegiance to their countries or other favourite countries. Every team sells clothing, bumper stickers, and keychains. Teams even sell underwear. The biggest commitment a fan can make is buying a uniform and in most cases it

Habits of successful people

9 Common Daily Habits of Successful People

  Habits of Successful People Getting ahead sometimes can be such a struggle. The truth is that we live in a fast-paced world, and it seems like trying to keep up is almost impossible, now this is where discipline comes into play. Successful people don’t have superpowers. The only thing that set them apart is

Generators online

6 Steps in Maintaining Generators

    Generators Generators are a very popular alternative source of electricity and are available in various sizes, brands, and prices. Due to the epileptic power supply especially in Nigeria, there is a heavy dependence on generators. It’s not surprising that they tend to be overworked hence reducing the lifespan. However, with proper maintenance, generators