The Baddest Mocktails Ever Made!

Hey there! So maybe, for whatever reasons, taking alcohol is not your thing and you really are not inclined to taking carbonated drinks, then mocktails are the best option for you. Mocktails are non-alcoholic mixed drinks that are derived from traditional cocktails. This doesn’t mean they are boring or not as tasty. On the contrary,

6 Healthy Lifestyle Pages You Should Follow on Instagram

I have to admit that starting the healthy lifestyle could get very confusing. Being unsure of what to eat, what not to eat, if to starve, what workout routine to do or not could be quite a lot. Things however get a lot better when you have some sort of guide, coach to guide you

How to Nail It With Pearl Beads

The beauty and elegance of pearls in fashion cannot be overruled. You’d be surprised at how well a pearl piece can take you from Plain Jane to Audrey Hepburn. Now let me tell you all you need to know about rocking pearl beads. Although many come in white color, this jewel comes in several shapes

5 Appliances To Help You Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym

So at the beginning of the year many of us set resolutions and goals for 2016 and losing weight was at the top of the list for many of us. How well have you kept to these resolutions? Have you been going to the gym often? If you haven’t I totally understand which is why

4 Reasons To Ride a Bicycle For Fitness

It’s no surprise when you see lots of people riding bicycles as their new form of exercise; given the tremendous health benefits and savings in sign up fees at the gym this is the new cool for the fitness geeks! Cycling is one of the best ways to lose weight and tone up those muscles.