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how to wear men's sneakers

Men’s Sneakers Style Guide-How to Wear Sneakers

    Men’s sneakers come in many shapes and sizes these days. From the very basic to the brightest leather, from the minimal to the metal fastenings, and there are few rules when it comes to wearing them. With so many options available, knowing the exact sneakers to buy, and the ones most likely to

Valentine's day outfit ideas for women

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Women

      What to Wear to Valentine’s Day Date Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while you may be more focused on the gift of a gift, you may also have to consider another aspect of the occasion: your outfit. While you could go with the cliché red-dress route, it’s certainly not your only

Steps to Organize Your Wardrobe

6 Easy Steps to Organize Your Wardrobe

Everyone admires a neatly arranged wardrobe but achieving that can be a herculean task for most people. Many people complain of not having what to wear meanwhile the problem is from their wardrobe. Maintaining an organized closet requires discipline from your part. If you’re struggling with a cluttered closet, then you have nothing to worry

Natural Ways to Achieve a Glowing Skin

9 Natural Ways to Achieve a Glowing Skin

A beautiful and glowing skin isn’t just for women  alone, men also deserve a glowing skin as well. While some people are naturally blessed with a beautiful and glowing skin, for most people a better lifestyle and beauty products may help achieve a glowing complexion.   Many beauty products flood the markets today, promising a

Block Heels The New Stilettoes

Fashion trends seem to travel back in a time nowadays and our lovely stilettoes are not left out of this trend. The 70s and 90s block heel foot wears are making trends and great waves in the fashion home today.  Block heel, unlike her doppelgänger stiletteo, comes in a square, round, wide, chunky and comfortable