Black panther gifs

7 Hilarious Reactions of People After Watching Black Panther

Black Panther is set in a fictional African country called Wakanda where citizens have managed to live without interference and colonization because they made the world believe there were powerless while they had Vibranium, the most powerful mineral. For those who have seen the Black Panther movie, you should be able to relate to these

8 Of the Most Hilarious Reactions to the Latest iPhones

When you check the new iPhone prices. Poor people like me after knowing new iPhones price😀 #AppleEvent #iPhoneX #iPhone8 pic.twitter.com/5mVTplxDji — RISHABH SINGH (@RISHABHSINGH41) September 13, 2017 There was the one asking for your payment option. Our Malaysian brothers will be able to relate. Choose payment method for iPhone 8, iPhone X 📱 #AppleEvent pic.twitter.com/yc9OsbkMZ8

Eid-el Kabir

7 Ways You Can Spend The Eid-el-Kabir Holiday

It’s that time of the year that most people look forward to. Most would even rather it happened every day but that would defeat the entire purpose of it. Occasionally, we get Public holidays. Public holidays are a great time for most Nigerians as they have the time to do things they may have been

Win A Special Gift in "The Konga Blog Hunt!"

Are you up for an exciting adventure? If your answer is yes, then let’s go hunting! Stand a chance to win amazing prices in the Konga Blog Hunt! Grab your riffles and follow the instructions below: How to win Visit the Konga blog (www.konga.com/blog) Look for what post this picture appears in Tell us the

Pokemon Go or Pokemon No?

A friend once said if you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go, you either live under a rock or are disconnected from every form media possible! Don’t quote me, I’m only paraphrasing. But not to worry, I’ll bring you up to speed about the yellow character driving the world insane. So Pokémon Go is a “real