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7½ Hygiene Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Many of us consciously try to maintain good hygiene in our everyday lives. We wash our hands, clean our faces and cut our nails but it is often easy to miss the tiny microbes that hide in our personal items as we live the daily hustle and bustle. These tiny microbes are often the hidden dangers to our health. 

It may surprise you to know that our personal gadgets, beauty products, and home fixtures, are silent carriers of bacteria. This article will teach you how to fix the frequent hygiene mistakes you may be making. 

Wash your towel more often 

Towels may appear harmless, but after only a few uses, they teem with invisible microbes, making them a silent saboteur of hygiene. In the seemingly clean towel’s fibres, bacteria have created an ideal habitat thanks to the warmth and moisture. 


Changing the frequency of your laundry routine can help eliminate these bacteria-causing agents. Additionally, remember that hanging your towel after use is an intelligent strategy to deprive bacteria of their favourite moist haven. 

Stop soaking dishes 

Most of us have a knack for leaving dishes submerged in a pool of water in the sink. You do not know that this method turns your sink into a microbial playground by acting as a silent siren call to bacteria. 


To prevent this, wash the dishes immediately after use. And for those times when soaking is unavoidable, a follow-up sink scrub is your hygiene’s knight in shining armour. 

Are you washing your sheets often enough?

Would you wear the same clothes for a month? Think of your sheets as your nightwear. Washing them once a week is not just advised but necessary for restful, uninterrupted sleep. Clean sheets are essential to good sleep hygiene. 

Hygiene Mistakes

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? 

Our hands are often on our keyboards these days. However, this essential work tool serves as a covert haven for bacteria. Regular cleaning with a disinfectant is a good idea and a necessary line of defence against the army of invisible bacteria. 


You can use an air duster to remove the dirt on your keyboard. By performing this routine cleaning, you will ensure your keystrokes are swift and clean.

Your phone has no business in the bathroom

One common but essential hygiene error is using your phone in the restroom. It can be tempting to read online or scroll through messages during this private time, but it’s crucial to consider the potential health risks. More than five minutes of sitting in this position puts pressure on your veins, which could cause pain or other health problems. 

Phone in bathroom

Even more dangerously, phones can act as conduits for the spread of bacteria. There are germs on every surface in the restroom that can be easily transferred to your phone. Please practise leaving your phone outside the bathroom. You can return to it when you’re done with your toilet business. 

The huge perfume mistake

Using cologne or perfume to cover up body odour is a band-aid solution that frequently worsens the problem. Some people may experience allergic reactions and irritation when these scents are overused. 

Perfume Mistakes

They can also combine with body odour to produce an unappealing odour. By washing your body properly and using deodorants or antiperspirants, you can tackle body odour at its source and avoid relying too much on strong fragrances. 

Disinfect TV remote controls 

The TV remote is a silent observer of our everyday existence and an unsung carrier of invisible dirt. It requires monthly disinfection and careful cleaning with a cotton swab to eliminate bacteria hiding between the buttons. This should be a routine, as the remote can be a vessel for more than just channel surfing—it can carry a crew of microbiological stowaways. 


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There you have it. There are a lot more hygiene mistakes you’re probably making. Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. Always maintain good hygiene for a cleaner, healthier life. Before I go, I’ll leave you with a bonus point, but ensure you do not overlook these hygiene mistakes. 

Please take out that laundry

Nothing breeds bacteria more than a mound of clothing in your laundry bin that needs to be cleaned. The longer the clothing remains there, the more bacteria grow inside. Regular laundry maintenance keeps your laundry bag from turning into a germ haven.  

Hygiene Mistakes

Periodically sanitise your laundry basket by wiping it with a disinfectant or throwing a fabric bin in the washer with your most recent load. Maintain your laundry bag as spotless as your just laundered clothes.




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