5½ Signs Your Boyfriend is Possibly Cheating on You


Falling in love is such a beautiful thing. However, the word “cheating” can be frightening in a relationship. 

Is my boyfriend cheating? This is a question that we don’t like to ask ourselves. 

It all begins with a gut feeling after you’ve noticed some minor changes in your boyfriend’s behaviour. The signs are always there. However, some people struggle to figure out how to tell if their boyfriend is cheating. So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 telltale signs that your boyfriend is most likely cheating. 

#1 He’s always distracted

Even though you are together under one roof, he doesn’t seem to be there. You must repeat your words or call his name more than twice to get his attention. There are moments when you’re conversing, and he’s smiling sheepishly at his phone. I get it; it could be a funny TikTok video, but what if he’s distracted by someone else? 

#2 He suddenly likes working extra hours 

Your boyfriend suddenly becomes enthusiastic about work and comes home late every day. He might be trying to get a promotion, but what if that’s not the case? Watch out for your partner suddenly starting a new hobby and dedicating all his free time to it. Another woman could be the new hobby.

#3 You no longer go on dates 

You used to go out frequently on dates, try out new restaurants, play dress-up, and have fun. These days, he always has an excuse not to go out. He may begin to avoid the activities that will improve your intimacy, and you may begin to feel as though he is gradually pulling away from you. 

#4 He begins to make comparisons 

No matter how hard a man tries to keep his affair hidden, mistakes can happen. Has he started making comparison statements like, “Why aren’t you going to the gym?” “Why don’t you wear loose pants?” All of a sudden, his standards have changed. This could indicate that he is evaluating you against another person.

#5 Unexplained expenses

If both of you have been open and honest about your finances, it should raise red flags if your boyfriend suddenly starts acting evasive or won’t disclose his spending. Naturally, a man who is having an affair won’t allow his finances to be checked. 

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#½ He doesn’t say ‘I love you’ as often 

It’s difficult to alter routines unless there’s an issue. Saying ‘I love you’ has become a task to him. Sometimes, you even tell him you love him, and he mutters ‘hmmm’ or ‘thank you.’ Aunty, run oooo.