Yu Break It; We Fix It

Yu Break It; We Fix It

It is one thing to secure an amazing deal on a device, it is another, to get first-hand after-sales care every time you need it. We all know getting after-sales care you trust is as important as the decision to make a purchase in the first place. Thankfully, with the Yu Break It; We Fix It plan, you can now stay rest assured after every purchase you make on Konga.

What is Yu Break It; We Fix It?

This is a dependable after-sales service provided by Konga to repair/fix damaged devices purchased within a particular period. This cover is for damages NOT under warranty, due to liquid intrusion or screen damage. Products under this coverage include Laptops, Tablets, and Phones.  Under this plan, All manufacturer defects are treated free of charge.

Benefit Of Plan

Konga is proudly the only brand that offers this service. 

Once your device has been put in for repairs, it is processed only by certified OEM service centers.

If your warranty is still valid, it continues to count even after repairs.

All other warranty issues you may encounter after repairs are treated free of charge.

The premium on your device repair is paid solely by Konga

What You Need To Benefit From Plan

A valid proof of device purchase from Konga

How To Benefit From Plan

Bring Damaged items to our store or Ship Item To Us. 

Provide invoice of Purchase from Konga

Be sure the date of purchase is within a year.

Ensure item has not been sent in for repairs before under this platform.

Turn Around Time

Damaged item is to be rectified within 2-15 Working Days

Repair time is dependent on the availability of Item Parts

Terms And Conditions

10% of the amount on your invoice will be charged as handling and logistics fees.   

For Liquid damages beyond economic repair, Customers are to Pay 50% of their invoice charge to get a new device. (This amount also covers handling charge)

Items sold at Crash prices are however not covered under this Plan. 

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Visit www.konga.com or walk into any Konga retail store near you for more details!


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