Ways To Get Your Toddler Dressed Peacefully

Ways To Get Your Toddler Dressed Peacefully

Between ‘Bath-time’ and ‘Dress-time’, we are yet to decide which is more of a task with kids. Toddlers are famous for giving their parents and guardians a tough one when it is time to dress up. A greater part of the time is either spent chasing them around, explaining why there should be no tears or putting up with tantrums. Here are easy ways to trick your toddler into dressing up peacefully.


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Kids sometimes have an opinion of their own. They are not right most of the time but you are to patiently guide them rather than shut them up. Allow your toddler choose a look for the day by selecting from a couple of outfits laid out by you.


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Independence intrigues most toddlers. They seem eager to execute certain activities by themselves. You can trick your toddler into dressing up by telling him he cannot dress up on his own. Supervise him while he makes efforts to prove you wrong.


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Dressing up should be fun. Sing a song with them, play short games, make funny faces, wear the right clothes in the wrong place just to have them giggle or promise an incentive if it guarantees a hassle-free dress session.


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Your little one is interested in identifying with outfits he picked out or bought. Kids have a high affinity for clothes with images of something they love be it a favorite cartoon character, a toy, or a princess.

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