The Year 2020 In Retrospect

The Year 2020 In Retrospect

Until 2020 begun to unfold, you would agree with me that for some reason, this particular year was the year we all anticipated the most. Unfortunately, right in the first quarter of what was to be an amazing course, a pandemic took the whole world by surprise, and not only did it try our resilience as human beings, it made way for a host of losses, challenges, and even more uncertainties.

It’s truly been one hell of a year indeed; but amidst the unpredictability, we all had to go through, we remain grateful. Here are 3 top things we are sincerely grateful for as a brand :

Our Unwavered Efforts to Deliver a Seamless Shopping Experience

With the harsh impact of the pandemic, the whole world, and even global businesses struggled hard to stay afloat. While we waded the storm, we made conscious efforts NOT to renege on our promise of delivering a seamless experience to our numerous customers. Not only did we come through with deliveries even in difficult times, but we also ensured that essentials and major needs were delivered to the doorsteps of families and households even in critical times. This we achieved without of course compromising the health and safety of our customers/partners nationwide.

Our Commitment That Runs Deep

Over the concluding year, millions of customers have trusted us to fulfill their numerous orders and we did not take this opportunity for granted. We took pride of place as the foremost e-commerce platform in Nigeria and came through on quality, value, and optimal customer satisfaction. Once again, we reiterate our commitment and pledge to provide you with only the best!


We can’t end this year without saying a big thank you to ‘YOU’, our dear customer, who remains at the forefront of our very existence. Your trust and support have been instrumental to our long-term goals of offering top-notch services and for this, we are deeply grateful.

Thank you for the chance to serve via our multiple channels, we definitely couldn’t have gone through this famous year without YOU.

With 2021 just a few hours away, we are still uncertain of what the year ahead holds but we remain hopeful and optimistic that we will stand strong.

The Year 2020 In Retrospect

Here is wishing you the very best of the days ahead and a prosperous 2021!

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