Silicon vs Sponge: Which Beauty Blender is Best For You

Silicon vs Sponge: Which Beauty Blender is Best For You

Every makeup lover knows Foundations are the crux of any flawless look. Pulling it off successfully means wearing it in such a way that not everyone knows it is there. Without the right tool to properly work your foundation into your skin, the outcome could be a major disaster.


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There are two main blenders out there – the Silicon blender and the beauty Sponge. Both are literally within reach and work towards the same goal of perfectly blending in your makeup. Here are a few factors to consider before deciding which of the blenders is best for you.


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Having your makeup perfectly blended in is just as important as the decision to wear makeup in the first place. With a damp sponge blender, you can effortlessly work in your makeup to perfect coverage. A sponge blender Serves perfectly from when you apply your foundation, to when you highlight, and even serves in event of a touch-up. A Silicon blender, on the other hand, comes with a non-porous surface as such more like ‘spreads’ makeup rather than blend it in. Silicon blenders require patience and test your skill. They are not for the faint-hearted(lol)  

Portion Control


I feel like my sponge blender and I are in constant competition. My blender literally eats up my foundation and it isn’t a good feeling because good foundations are not so cheap. With a silicon blender, however, there is minimal waste. Thanks to its smooth rubbery surface, you can be careful enough to control the portion of products you work with.


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The skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body. As flawless and beautiful as your skin appears to be, it is host to more than 500 different species of bacteria. Your skin is an ecosystem of micro-organisms. Besides bacteria, dead skin cells and oils can accumulate to clog up your pores. Cleaning out your skin regularly doesn’t help much if your make-up tools are not so clean. With a silicon beauty blender; not only is cleaning easy, silicon is highly reputed for its antibacterial properties. As compared to a sponge blender, your skin is safer with a Silicon blender.

Personal Preference

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As with most decisions in life, the choices we make are influenced by our personal preferences. What works for a particular person may not go down well with the other. In deciding which of the blenders to go for, you ought to decide which of the listed benefits you prefer. Having both a Silicon and Sponge blender doesn’t hurt actually. I’d personally go for both to maximize benefit. 😀

I’m sure you are wondering what the fuss around a beauty blender is when there are a wide array of makeup brushes to use instead. I would pick a beauty blender over a makeup brush any day because, in comparison, blenders are very gentle on the skin and always leave behind a soothing effect

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