Prepping Your Skin For Date Night

Prepping Your Skin For Date Night

Valentine’s day is just by the corner. You need no soothsayer to tell you that they’ll be loads and lots of activities scheduled for that day. Bae might just be planning an evening getaway, who knows? And we are sure you do not want to bring less than your A-game to the fore. Beautiful and well-prepped skin is the crux of any flawless look. Here are 6 steps to properly prep your skin for date night.


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To exfoliate means to strip off the top layer of dead cells covering your skin to reveal a new and more supple looking skin. Before exfoliating, it is advised that you first take a warm bath to open up your pores thus further prepping your skin for any treatment. Using a body brush, an exfoliating glove, or an exfoliating scrub, exfoliate by applying these in circular motions on your skin. You should endeavor to exfoliate two to three times every week.

Apply a Mask

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There isn’t anything a good face mask cannot fix. From hydrating masks to exfoliating ones, Face/body masks are an easy way to pamper your skin. Using a soft bristled brush, or your fingertips, spread evenly across your skin, leave for a while, and rinse off with warm water afterward.


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Your skin is able to take in substances through a process known as Dermal Absorption. Moisturizers lubricate while providing essential nourishment for the skin. Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, or a combination of both, a skin moisturizer is an effective way of revitalizing your skin.

Inculcate a Sunscreen in your routine


Put succinctly, your skin and the sun are not completely friends. One should be shielded from the other, hence the importance of a sunscreen with appropriate SPF cannot be over-emphasized.

Schedule a Pedicure/ Manicure Session

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Your feet and hands tell more about you than you know. Endeavor to have them well trimmed, groomed, or painted to create an impression.

Smell Nice

‘Perfume is personal magic. It creates a beautiful first impression and a lasting recollection. Prep yourself for an unforgettable evening with the right fragrance.

You definitely do not want to be taken unawares. With a little bit of self-care, and doing the right things, date night could turn out amazing. Ask your loved one to KONGA ME. Visit or walk into any Konga store nearest you to Shop your skincare essentials.

Shop Smart, Live Well.

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