Lets get this Party Started: Konga 8th Anniversary Sale is Live!

Lets get this Party Started: Konga 8th Anniversary Sale is Live!

The long wait is over and Konga’s 8th Anniversary Sale is Now Live! We’re proud to say YOU’ve been at the forefront of this inspiration and It’s true that without you, this journey may not have been possible. To mark this memorable milestone, we have curated lots of amazing offers just for you. Here is a comprehensive guide on everything to Look out for in Konga’s 8th Anniversary Sale.

Flash Sale

Tune in to get the best of mouthwatering offers this anniversary. Is there any product you’ve always wanted to own? Yet somehow felt it was out of reach? Now is the time to get it at much less cost. Sit tight on Konga.com every day from the 29th of June at 10am, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm for these offers as they roll in. From Phones and accessories to Laptops, Groceries, Personal Care items, Home and Kitchen appliances, + Kids Stuff, Toys and so much more. Everything you’ll see has been heavily discounted solely for you.  

Treasure Hunts

Over here, its Finders Keepers. The fastest fingers and sharpest eyes get to keep items ranging from Gadgets to Electronics, Appliances, and more. Be on the lookout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for amazing offers you can’t resist.

Store Only Deals

You know how they say Good things find you in the right place? That’s the kinda vibe this anniversary brings. Walk into any Konga retail store near you for great deals exclusive to walk-in customers only. There’s no way around this particular surprise. All you’ve got to do, is walk in and get served. 

In-App Deals

It’s 2020! if you are still yet to download the Konga app, then you’re on the verge of missing out on great stuff. Get irresistible discounts exclusive to the app only. Hurry! least you miss the moving train. Download the Konga App for free on Google play store and IOS App Stores to enjoy the best offers this season.

Live Auction Sales

The 6th of July would one of the days to put your best foot forward. Does the prospect of negotiating for a product you want excite you? How about bargaining until you get it at a comfortable price? If these excite you, then tune in for a live auction sale @ 12pm on Saturday, 6th July to bid your way to fantastic deals. Don’t forget to keep your friends and family in the loop as well.

Cash Prices and lots more

Our saying ‘Thank You’ isn’t limited to deals, discounts, and price slashes Only. With over 1million naira waiting to be claimed, + numerous vouchers, kicking heels to be won, Our loyal customers have nothing worry about as they would all be rewarded bountifully. Everyone is a winner. Enjoy these Cash prices and Shopping vouchers too. Visit Konga.com Today

Konga 8th Anniversary Sale

Its an anniversary of multiple surprises. You must not miss out on everything curated just for you. Grab many fantastic deals while they’re Sizzling. Don’t be just a spectator.

Keep an Eagle’s eye on Konga.com and make sure to turn on your post notifications for @Shopkonga on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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