Liquid Or Gel Eye Liners: Choosing Which is Best For You

Liquid Or Gel Eye Liners: Choosing Which is Best For You

Eyeliners are a makeup revolution that has come to stay. Eyeliners have the ability to completely transform your look just by altering or accentuating the shape of your eyes.

The use of eyeliners is dated as far back as 10,000BC and was first used by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians who believed in its ability to protect the wearer from evil, and from the harsh rays of the sun. Eyeliners gained popularity in the modern ages for its cosmetic value.

There is more than one type of eyeliner out there. Like it or not, your choice of an eyeliner affects the results you get. Liquid and Gel liners are quite popular and widely used. Here is what to consider before settling for either a gel liner or a liquid one

Level Of Expertise

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Liquid eyeliners usually come In the form of pens or in a small jar with a tiny brush attached to its lid. A gel liner, on the other hand, comes in a thick creamy or wax like constituency. Gel eyeliners are the most forgiving of the duo and are recommended for beginners or users with less prowess. Liquid eyeliners are best for professional or perfected hands.

Desired Result

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Liquid eyeliners in the right hands give off a glossy and beautiful finish. A gel liner can be used to achieve the ‘smoky eye’ effect whereas liquid liners are perfect for ultra-thin lines. Both are however necessary companions for every makeup lover. A good tip to getting maximum results with both is to begin tracing fine lines with a Gel liner and then top up with a liquid liner for a smooth finish.

Personal Preference

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There is an eyeliner type for everyone, and each person has an opinion of what works best for them. What is your everyday makeup routine like? Are you detailed and precise with your makeup? Then a liquid liner is for you. In the alternative, would you prefer a less dramatic look or would readily opt for a softer makeup effect any day? Then a gel liner is just the one.

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Your eyes are more than just windows of the soul. Proper eye makeup should not be taken for granted. Still not able to decide which should tower over the other in relation to your makeup needs? Owning both a liquid liner and a Gel Liner while alternating between the two isn’t such a bad idea.

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