Konga Gives Back

Konga Gives Back

There’s no greater joy than that which comes from leaving smiles on the faces of people. From Inception, KONGA has remained a people-oriented brand with YOU at the forefront of our existence. Because We know that at the end of the day, It is not about what we have, how loud our brand is, or what we are worth. What matters most is what we Giveback!

As a Family, KONGA is focused on the wonderful memories we leave behind. The Value we impact, and the happiness we spread to as many hearts as possible.

To commemorate our 7th Anniversary, we marked this milestone with a visit to the Heritage Homes Orphanage. The Visit remains a positive, heartwarming, and emotion-filled experience for us. Fortunately, we got to spend the day with amazing children ranging from 10 months to 12 years of age.

Not only were we reminded of the beauty of childhood innocence, We are satisfied that our little but sincere efforts added up to something great. 

At KONGA, We believe in making a difference one step at a time. Even in the littlest of ways, KONGA truely Cares!