International Women’s Week : Each for Equal 2020

International Women’s Week : Each for Equal 2020

For centuries, women have been an exceptional force to reckon with. They have proven to be some of the greatest gifts to humanity and in many ways have been pivotal to the growth and development of many nations. The fact remains that no matter how strong a man thinks he is, there’s always a soft spot when the woman he loves or respects comes into play.

In a world traditionally dominated by men, truth holds that gender gaps and inequality still persists even in the face of tremendous social and economic advancement.

Inequality trends have somehow still found a way to stay ingrained in modern-day tenets. Our culture for instance largely portrays men as authoritative and focused while the female species is generalized as the communal breed. 

Gone are the days, however, when women belonged only to domestic affairs in the kitchen and the ‘other room’.  Today, women are soaring twice as high and leaving indelible prints in the sands of time. 

Equality is not a woman’s issue alone, the struggle transcends beyond gender because we all are parts of a whole. And Only together, can we equate a change! 

The race is on for a gender-equal government, economy, workforce, and society. This Month; We celebrate the hardworking, powerful, and sufficient women from all walks of life. Women who strive against the odds of persistent bias to bridge the gender gap every day.

We celebrate our mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, and friends. Who through their actions, mindset, and efforts, constantly make a positive impact in the world at large. Thank a woman Today for the endless magic she brings!


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