How My Parents Ruined My Childhood

How My Parents Ruined My Childhood

I will never forget how my parents ruined my childhood. Memories of this particular ‘ruin’ dates as far back as 15 years ago but can never be forgotten.

As a child, I was a notorious loudmouth. The type that would quietly observe everything happening around, and run off to spill to anyone who cared to listen. I became the ‘neighborhood town crier’ in no time. Adults were cautious of what they said or did around me. My peers bribed me with favors to keep my mouth shut, while my aunties would pinch my lips shut while muttering threats every time they noticed my eyes wander. But all these strategies always failed.

My career as a town crier was easy because I grew up in a ‘Close-knit’ neighborhood. We lived in a large compound – more like a polygamous setting except that none of us was related by blood. 

One day, I overheard my mum say something like “how about She goes over to stay with Joke”? She spoke to my father.

Joke was my favorite aunty who lived somewhere in the ‘Abroad’. I wasn’t sure where exactly, she lived, but I knew she always came back with fluffy jackets, New dresses, and lots of sweets for me. In an instant, the thought of living in a place where I would never run out of an abundant supply of sweets became surreal. It was just too good to be true.

I ran out fast to go share the good news. I still vividly remember how fast my little legs ran… Sooner or later, the ‘good news’ had spread like wildfire. I was going to America, to stay permanently with my Aunty Joke, never to return.

I became an instant celebrity. All the kids made efforts to stay in my good books so I could at least remember them when I got to America.

Long story short, word soon got to my mum that I was giving out all my clothes because I said I would get new ones when I arrive abroad.

To my dismay, it turned out that the ‘She’ my mum was referring to, was my grandma whose health was deteriorating. And in my busy body, I thought she was referring to me.  

My world was ruined because I had no clue how to undo the mess I had made. How was I going to face all the kids I had spread my ‘abroad’ news to? Where would I start? What about those at school? 

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