It is no longer news that January is the longest month in the history of years. We are in the first few days of January but in my mind’s eye, the days are beginning to crawl already. I can’t believe we just said ‘Happy New Year’ some days ago. I, however, am not alone, as I overheard a friend grumble too.

30 days hath September,

April, June, and November,

All the rest have thirty-one

Excepting February alone,

And that has twenty-eight days clear

And twenty-nine in each leap year.


There is absolutely no mention of January having more than thirty-one days. Why then does it seem like there are 7 weeks in just this month? According to Scientists, January is the longest month of the year because our bodies are just recovering from Dopamine.

This study upholds that Dopamine, which is associated with Euphoria is secreted by the brain in the festivities and is responsible for all the fun we had in the holidays. By January, all activities begin to stabilize, and Dopamine levels begin to reduce, as a result, we feel time slower than normal. Almost hilarious right?

Everyone knows January feels longer because of the finances expended in the festivities. Technically, everyone is almost broke and January is the school fees and bills month.

But what happens if you were frugal with your expenses, and still has money to shop?

How Long Could January Possibly be?

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