An Avoidable Mistake – Condoms and Oral Contraceptives

An Avoidable Mistake – Condoms and Oral Contraceptives

Love goes when you announce your pregnancy to the wrong person. One who loves you, but is not ready for fatherhood. Marriages fail when an unfaithful Man comes home and infects a faithful wife with STD. What seemed to be love and joy turns to hate and unhappiness because of a mistake. A mistake of unprotected sex. A mistake that should not have happened with the right ‘protection’. The right protection is the right condom.

The Right Condom

Condoms and Oral Contraceptives

Flex Pleasure Unlimited Bubble Gum Condom is the first hybrid brand of premium condoms in Nigeria. Unarguably, with flex, you get to enjoy premium sexual intercourse without fear of breakage. Flex comes with a combination of flavors and textures, as well as different tastes.

Flex Classic are ribbed and strawberry flavored condoms designed to provide extra sensation and heightened pleasure.

Flex Brown Sugar, a premium studded and chocolate-flavored condom for maximum stimulation and thrill.

Flex Spice latex condom is an ultra-thin and strawberry flavored condom designed to provide that natural feel.

Flex Pleasure Unlimited offers you extra pleasure and maximum delight with its unique premium bubblegum flavor.

Flex Stamina, a Lidocaine treated condom offering longer-lasting excitement and finally,

Flex Treasure Island, a combo pack of flavored variants offering three matchless delights in a box.

When the wrong condom fails you?

Flex Condoms | Society for Family Health, Nigeria

This is where Emergency Contraceptives come to play. ECs are contraceptives that can be used to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse. These are recommended for use within 5 days but are more effective the sooner they are used after sexual intercourse.

Postinor-2 | Konga Online Shopping

Postinor-2, commonly known as the morning after pill used only as an EC has proven to be the right emergency contraceptive. It is used to prevent pregnancy when taken within 72 hours (3 days) of unprotected intercourse.

Flex Pleasure Unlimited Bubble Gum Original Condom and Postinor-2 can be purchased on

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