Celebrate Leap Year With Once-In-4-Year Discounts

Celebrate Leap Year With Once-In-4-Year Discounts

Peradventure you aren’t already aware; this year is a leap year!

This means that not only do we get an extra day in the month of February; this extra day comes along with a rare load of discounted products and services in honor of this quadrennial year. 

On the 29th of February, Your Favourite omnichannel retail outlet would be dishing out a sumptuous amount of deals from a wide assortment of categories. From computers/accessories, Electronics, Home and Kitchen appliances, phones and tablets, to Fashion items/accessories, just to name a few…

Konga’s leap year sale would ensure you stock up on all you need without having to break the bank. In my opinion, this date should be declared a shopping holiday so that you would have no excuses.


Celebrate this Leap Year With Konga’s Once-In-4-Year Discounts. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get all you need and more. Make sure you do not miss out on all the good things set to roll out. Visit konga.com or walk into any Konga retail store near you TODAY


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