Back To School Tips For Parents

Back To School Tips For Parents

The challenge of getting back to school is often accompanied by mixed feelings – Excitement, Relief, Anxiety, and sometimes even fear. After a long vacation, it is only human to find transitioning back to school difficult. Here are a few tips to help caregivers cushion the Back To School Effect. 

Be Mentally Ready To Ease Into Routine 

Suddenly having to switch from going to bed late and waking up late, to scheduling an early bedtime to be up early in time for school isn’t fun for anyone. As a caregiver, the ball is in your court. A first step is to accept the fact that school is drawing near, gradually countdown the days before school reopens, and adjust your mind to the changes this would bring. 

Reset Sleeping and Eating Patterns

About one week or eight days before school resumes, reinstall the culture of regular and early sleep in your kids. This is to prepare them in advance for the routine of waking early to prepare for school. TV time should be regulated as well as feeding habits. There is a high chance that during the holidays, they got used to eating in between meals. Get their tummies readjusted to the fact that when school resumes, all would change.

Set Academic Goals

Discuss academic goals with your children and guide them to set tangible and achievable goals within their reach.

Make Efforts to Familiarise yourself with their School

This is important for parents whose children are either just beginning school or starting off at a new school. Take out time to be familiar with where your child is going to be spending half of his life. Ask to meet your child’s teacher, know where your child will sit. It is okay to go as far as inspecting facilities within the school environment. 

Connect with Friends

Friends with like interests can go a long way to easing the tension that comes with resuming a new school year. Reach out to other parents from previous classes, or friends of your children who would also be gearing up for a new school year. 

Stock Up! 

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