All The Reasons Jewelry Are A Girl’s Best Friend

All The Reasons Jewelry Are A Girl’s Best Friend

I know you are familiar with ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but Diamonds are ‘Jewelry’ also. Invariably, Jewelry is a girl’s best friend:)

Jewelry consists of decorative items worn for adornment or to make a statement. Going down history’s lane, the first set of jewelry were crude stuff crafted from bones, teeth, and stone, stitched to animal sinew. With advancement, the 21st-century woman is surrounded by pieces of jewelry crafted from refined metal, beads, pearls, often combined with gemstones. Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings are the varieties of jewelry available to women. Here are a few statement pieces every female would definitely love.

Studs Bring Your Chic Side To The Fore Stud Earrings.

Studs are the most popular style of Jewelry basically made up of a single gemstone or motif, fastened to a ‘finding’. It is designed in such a way that it lays snuggly on the ear lobe. Stud earrings spell class in simplicity. They go well with just about anything you wear and for any occasion.


    Diamond Geometric Earring - Green.        Diamond Stud.

Drops Are Certainly Show Stoppers

     Vintage Drop Earrings - Red.             Image placeholder on Konga


Distended earrings are usually the perfect eye-catching pair for a touch of elegance and eccentricity. Drops are designed to extend beyond your earlobes. They are most appropriate for semi-formal settings or ceremonial purposes. Bear in mind that your hairstyle could accentuate your choice of an earring. For women with short hair or an updo, drops are most preferred.

Geometric Fashion Earring - Red Rose.     Image placeholder on Konga

Hoops Always leave An Impression

Hoop Earrings.     Hoop With Stone Earrings - Dark Blue.

Hoops are characteristically circle earrings that work for every shape of face. Round earrings are suitable for formal occasions, a weekend outing, for meetings, and to work. Hoops have existed for ages and are a must-have for every woman’s jewelry box.

Trends come and go, styles change, Fashion evolves, but jewelry is timeless and chic despite changing seasons.

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