A Different Kind of Santa

It’s exactly 20 days to Christmas Yall and A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHRISTMAS is here!

In the euphoria of counting down to the end of the year, the long-awaited holiday season, and spending time with loved ones, we shouldn’t forget that Christmas is primarily a season to give, share the joy and radiate love.

This year, the KONGA Family is redefining Christmas! We are coming through to you with a DIFFERENT kind of Christmas aimed at defying status quo while maintaining the original message of love, peace, and joy; one that would be etched in your heart for years to come.

A Different Type of Christmas

Sounds exciting right?

It actually is way better than it sounds. This year promises to be refreshing as we will be offering the best prices on a wide range of items. We would also be introducing categories you never imagined could be possible, as an exciting way of saying Thank you for staying with us on our journey through the year.

It is expected that by now, plans for the festivities are already in place, or have gone a long way. If you, however, have been too occupied to do so yet, relax; it isn’t too late.

With KONGA, it never is late! Watch out for amazing goodies as they roll in… ANTICIPATE!

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