5 Kitchen Tools That Always Come In Handy

5 Kitchen Tools That Always Come In Handy

In qualifying a kitchen as ‘well stocked’ it is the little things that matter. The little things you may ordinarily not use every day often turn out to be of great use when you least expect. In no particular order, here are 5 Mini Kitchen Tools that would not readily come to your mind, but are essential for your kitchen.

Vegetable Peeler

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Every Kitchen needs a vegetable peeler. Some recipes do not just go well with skin. With a vegetable peeler (Scraper) you could spend less time peeling potatoes, or getting the skin off fruits and carrots.



I like to think of tongs as a substitute for hands in context. Tongs make it easy to grip, flip, or lift food from barbecued meat to ice cubes. A well equipped kitchen should not lack a pair of Tongs.

Can Opener

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This is the 21st Century actually, and you should kindly do away with the risk of using a knife to open up tins of tomatoes and milk. How about ruining  all your knives while opening up tins when a can opener can serve the purpose faster, nicer and easier.

Egg Whisk

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Beating eggs with a fork is improper when a whisk is made to give better and more consistent results.


/2/-/2-in-1-Colander-with-Grip-Handle-7414984_1.jpg /S/c/Scoop-Colander---Blue-7136767.jpg

A colander serves perfectly to strain food such as vegetables, pasta, rice and more. The perforations on the sides of a colander ensure liquid drains off quick and easy. It remains every Kitchen’s ‘Must Have’.


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