4 Healthy Ways of Using A Gas Cooker

 4 Healthy Ways of Using A Gas Cooker

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Before anything else, you need to eat to survive. Gone are the days when “Food” was anything edible. Civilization has brought consciousness to the fact that Food must be healthy and beneficial to the body in the long run. Healthy Eating does not just mean filling your plate with Greens, your cooking methods matter.  Here are 4 Healthy Ways of Using A Gas Cooker


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Boiling is one quick and easy way of preparing either pasta, vegetables, eggs and more. Boiling basically involves immersing food in boiling water over a period of time. Boiled food is reputed to retain its natural taste. Slow-boiling is one underused method of cooking. It typically stands out as one of the best. This is because it naturally retains taste and nutrients stay intact. Gas cookers help you achieve this by providing better heat control. It is possible to set your gas cooker such that it gives off slow consistent flames that are perfect for cooking.


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This is an ingenious method of cooking that involves a moderate heat and some oil in a pan. Just like the name implies, Stir-frying involves gradually Stirring the contents of your pan until desired results are achieved. Stir-frying works best with vegetables and meat. With a good quality Gas Cooker, it is very easy to achieve tasty cooked meals in less time.


Gas Cooker – Sfck6312 Ng.   Gas Cooker – Sfck9423 Ss.

Poaching involves submerging food in a liquid-Milk, water, or any flavored solution while allowing it to simmer at a low temperature until it is well cooked. Poaching cuts fats, greatly improves the taste of food and prevents delicate foods from getting overcooked. Did you know poaching with a gas cooker is cost-efficient? It saves you more resources than cooking with electricity or other cooking options.


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Grilling involves applying dry heat to the surface of food until it is cooked and ready for consumption. With Grilling, heat is either above or below the food. Grilled food gives off a distinct and irresistible aroma, the more reason why it is one of the most preferred methods of cooking for Fish, Meat, Kebab, Offal, and sometimes vegetables. These foods taste better when grilled.

Most gas cookers come with a grill and an inbuilt oven. That way, switching your cooking option comes easily and conveniently.

Still wondering whether to actually stock up on a Gas Cooker,  remember, not only are you open to Healthier cooking Options, You get to save TIME, Enjoy TASTIER MEALS, and Save Cost.  

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