3 Ways You Can Vibe To The Yakata Theme Song

3 Ways You Can Vibe To The Yakata Theme Song

Dancing is one of the most interesting means of self-expression. There’s always something super exciting about grooving to the sound of music. 

While most people swear it is ‘therapeutic, Others have gone ahead to make it a part of their daily routine because it sure feels good. Do you consider yourself a great dancer? Can you vibe well to good music? Then this right here is for you. Here are 3 hot steps you can jump on, while you vibe to our Yakata theme song.


Video Credit: Chop Daily

The Zanku legwork can be traced back to Zlatan the artist. It is subtly energetic yet technical in some sort of way. In my opinion, it is simply a synchronization of the left and right leg in coordinated tapping movements.  While you do this, note that the arms are not left behind. These can casually be swung as deemed fit by the dancer. 

Gwara Gwara 

The South Africans are praised for this unique dance step. To get this hot move going, you’d have to first take an astride position while you make sure your shoulders are as flexible as possible. A good tip is to make sure your arms are not idle while you vibe. Sounds cool yeah? Now check this out … 

Video Credit: Chop Daily

The Poco Dance 

I imagine this step to be the fusion of some amazing leg work, with a sprinkle of Zanku. The major difference here is that the shoulders and upper body are actually more engaged than in the Zanku step.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes for the dance floor? Then join the Konga Yakata Dance Challenge for a chance to win lots of amazing prizes. Luckily, dance video submissions now extend from the 16th to the 30th of November 2020 so this may just be your call! 

3 Ways You Can Vibe To The Yakata Theme Song

  1. Follow this link http://bit.ly/yakatadance2020 or our link in bio to download the ‘Yakata theme song’
  2. Come up with suitable dance steps for this jingle.
  3. Post a dance video on your Facebook or Instagram page using the hashtag #Kongayakatadance2020 and tag @Shopkonga (Maximum- 60Seconds)
  4. The 10 best videos from all the entries would get a repost on the Konga platform
  5. The top 3 winners would be chosen based on the number of unique views on @shopkonga Facebook/Instagram.
  6. The first prize wins a 200,000 Shopping Voucher, 2nd Prize goes home with a 100,000 Voucher, while the 3rd with 50,000.

Don’t let this opportunity slip by! 

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